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The party this year took place at the same location as last for Osheaga. Situated on Ile Saint Helene a small island south of Montreal’s main island (yes Mtl is an island), the festival rocked both days with many acts performing that I had never live before. The Saturday hosted amazing weather from dawn to dusk, and my day was spent trolling around Parc Jean Drapeau to the different stages set up.

230pm Donavon Frankenreiter Main Stage

315pm La Roux has on an amazing outfit as she rocked at the River Stage (best stage with view of St. Lawerence about 20 feet away.

We were some of the few smrt ones to bring chairs to sit on, and by this point I was drinking lots of beer, eating spicy hotdogs and enjoying the other smaller bands.

400pm onwards I checked out K’naan, Elbow, Jason Mraz, and the Roots. I missed Lykke Li due to nasty scheduling, but the Roots made it all worth the nasty.  Like Lykke I missed Girl Talk, instead crowding into the Main Stage for Coldplay’s show. I loved them since they parachuted over to North America, so I could not miss this.  After all I paid 125$ for the weekend, and would of just for Coldplay after their performance. It was AMAZING!

Sunday it rained.

The Beatnuts were the first to kick off in the downpour. The crowd noticeably smaller than Saturday, but things eventually turned around.

315pm Miike Snow dressed in rain gear too, simple and understated in a garbage bag.  His garbage shirt rocked only less to his amazing set. I am a fan now.

400pm The Ting Tings came on, and we were soaking wet by this point. My hair was sticking to my forward every time I shook the excess rain off, it kind of became my dance moves too.

500pm Vampire Weekend brought the sunshine! Finally with curly drier hair we paraded around the Parc much drunker and happier than earlier.

The rest of the evening is blurry but I do know I saw the Decemberists and Tiga. I had a crazy fun dancing to to Tiga, in yes another downpour by the River Stage. Oh yeah and hung out with Adrian Grenier from Entourage. (His band The Honey Brothers played earlier in the day).5489_551109695074_48304237_33555117_169766_n



Here are 2 examples of why the British know how to make pop music. My Ipod agrees with me when it comes to listening to sick tracks from Little Boots and La Roux. ROUX is coming to Osheaga: the festival happening next week here in Mtl. I especially love Little Boots cover of the Virgins Rich Girl song, that’s my motivation. Ladyhawke (Paris is Burning)the cute blonde with funny teeth from New Zealand has stolen what’s left of my playlist space or recently played-list. My ipod is 80GB so quantity over quality is only reversed in the interests of scrolling playlists.