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I love bikes, and this video reminded me why. Except mine always get stolen. So I have to be content with watching people ride bikes. Its a huge black market here in MTL, innocent bikes are stolen, repainted, rewheeled and gone. Sometimes people ride by I and think its my bike, sadface. If I tried to make a video like this, it would probably be me riding away from people trying to steal my bike instead of cruising.




At Off the Hook a boutique on St.Catherines I found my first Nooka watch. She was orange and absolutely amazing. Telling time on Nooka can be complicated for any new owner. The first 6 bars are hours 1-6, the bottom 6 bars  hours 7-12, the 3rd line is tinier dots representing the minutes followed by a 4th bar for seconds. On their website Nooka has amazing colors and designs, but some of the prices can be steep. It was either Nooka or those cute Japanese talking watches, but who wants to learn how to tell time in Japanese before they know it in english? Ummm the frenchies for sure.



In the past the web-scape of fashion magazines has been hit and miss, like your 1st time up for t-ball. The future of fashion magazines is online and the internets is not going anywhere . So will these fashion mags be relevant anymore? I like to think my future is going green too, like the rest of us.  Online magazines are winning efficiency points over Print, especially in the advertising department, check out this article in New York Magazine online. For the last decade I have loved the glossy covers of Nylon, Elle, Vogue and Missbehave.  So going on the internets and searching for the best online  fashion fix seemed annoying. Do all magazines have online sites, unofficial or official? Or were these online fashion magazines completely innovating fashion web-scapes by bringing it themselves? While many of my magazines make shout outs to their favourite online fashion sites,  strictly online fashion magazines had a lot to accomplish to change my mind. But I was still curious, and surfing the internets on my new macbook, so it was time well wasted.  I stumbled onto, a Canadian source for fashion and beauty that spanned east to west being published monthly. The Editor in Chief Nicole says “our readers are the leaders”. In a nutshell this is the reason why I went online instead of to my magazine store like many others to find reliable sources to Canada’s fashion industry. Glossmag covers international fashion stories and brands, while sustaining a community in Canadian readers and their brands.  Other online mags I’ve noticed are NYC’s,, & For the reader who isn’t just browsing fashion but works in the industry, going online can be resourceful too.  Example: is a giant flip book of amazing stories on individual style ALL over the world’s major cities. Secondly go to, it’s a great site for runways looks pre-season. My much-loved Nylon magazine’s tactile designs and images I’ll admit I’m still crushing over, but I can’t stop discovering more spanking new articles online. My friends will know today what I knew yesterday, and that’s more than enough to satisfy my fashion keenness. The future of your fashion finds are now just a click away.


This summer has been nothing but rain and more rain. I think Montreal is turning into Vancouver. Weirdly enough today is a scorcher. So I thought about all the ways I could cool down, and popsicles came 2nd to the secret hipster pool.  Yes a secret pool in Montreal! In fact I feel bad about blogging its actual whereabouts. So maybe I’ll just keep the location to myself. Montreal is no Vancouver when it comes to secret water spots, so these opportunities are a rare find. If you didn’t already know Montreal is a city on a small island, and it gets really hot in the summer & freakishly cold in the winter. This secret pool is full of people my age, NO CHILDREN peeing there either. And unlike Hotel de la Montagne & other city pools, it has lots of trees and grass to chill by. So you’ll still need to find the location of the pool, but if you do bring a couple bucks its not free.

Osheaga will lose their headlining act the Beastie Boys this summer. The Gazette got word off the official site for the band that Adam Yaunch has been diagnosed with cancer.


I have an amazing walk in closet. It’s like Barbie’s friggin DREAM closet. It’s two rooms attached together, the larger where my bed and dressers go and the smaller the walk’n dream. Still with all my clothes in there I can’t seem to find outfits as quick as I’d like to. The other week it took me forever to find an outfit to go to a sales meeting. I tried to google ‘ashley’s outfit’ but that will have to wait until computers can do that. Even if you don’t have Barbie’s dream closet, or like me can’t seem to find Barbie’s dream outfit I have found a perfect solution. It’s called and LOADS of great fashion lives here, that always seem to be right to me. Once I start scrolling I can’t stop, and sometimes I hype a few. What I guess I really like about is that its a bunch of pictures of real girls and guys, in their own looks and only their peers to judge them. The swedish LB is especially slick.

Here’s a couple I couldn’t resist:

I recently saw an ‘international’ version of the Monopoly game come out. AND Montreal took the top spot, PARK PLACE’s old hood. You know the blue properties right at the end of the game.080822_monopoly2

Since Take Home Chef has been moved an earlier time slot, I have been watching the travel channel’s fooooodies in their relentlessly gross glory. I love Anthony Bourdain’s show No Reservations, especially the episode in Vietnam, and Bobby Flay is like an american version of Jamie Oliver. Sad to say Bourdain’s Montreal episode missed so many amazing places to eat.  So I went on the internets and found this article on  Meatpaper basically referring to this craze of Food TV hosts as Food Porn. The theory of this Food Porn narrative has been dubbed “unattractive meat/ unattractive men” meaning its more comfortable to watch someone like Bourdain eat cow brains, than Rachel Ray or Giada. Then I got hungry. So internets again this time looking for recipes for dinner. It ended up I didn’t want any Bourdainisms for myself, instead happily stealing Curtis Stone’s from Take Home Chef recipes.


It’s summer and everybody is outside. I love to sit on terraces and kick back  in the sunshine with friends, so I decided to bring you a list of excellent Montreal Terraces that you should visit soon, or at least before Labor Day. Verses Sky pictured below.


Many of these terraces I have personally tested, and can say the same about most like minded Montrealers. And if you’re asking why is this so important to us? Well we only have TWO months of summer, six months of winter and the rest is a mangled body of wind and rain the local weather networks try to decipher. And Montrealers love to drink and eat outside when they can. So you may of heard about some of these places or may not, but these are my absolute favourite destinations when it comes to al fresco drinks on a hot summer day in beautiful Montreal.


1. Hotel de la Montagne- rooftop on the hotel obviously, amazing city views of downtown, but be careful when going on a windy day, and they have a POOL so bring your bikini.

2. Pub Ste-Elisabeth- located in Old Montreal, adorable, viney, like a secret garden. Pictured below.


3. Santropol- backyard terrace in another secret garden, fairy lights, low branches, flowers, and the furriest white cat can be spotted in the garden most of the time ( I think it uses it as a litter box). However, the food here is #1 The picture below is me this summer in Santropol’s garden.


4.Verses Sky- located rooftop of Verses Hotel, awe-some view of Old Montreal and its buildings, overlooks the St. Lawerence river, delicious cocktail menu, and I always get a tan when I sit up there:)

5.Tokyo- located on the Main, survivor theme with tiki torches, many memories here, view of the action down of the street too.

6.B-sides-again on the Main which is really called St.Laurent, fun upstairs terrace only opens after 1 am .

As you know I live in the Mile-End, but last year I lived in the Plateau. They are right beside each other like Queens & Brooklyn. The Plateau has amazing terraces on many of its 2nd floor apartments. Here’s a picture of one down my street.plateau-1