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IMG_0339The motto of this tiny island 8 kilometers off the coast of Cebu Island is simple. Forget Family Planning, just focus on Family Planting.  Ben and I decided to take a 4-hour bus ride up the coast of Cebu to the town of Maya. With no air conditioning we actually had an enjoyable ride that I will not forget for some time. The driver was good, really good at his job and drove fast through the windy coastline. The windows down we hung out the open windows watching everything we passed. Never has 4 hours gone by faster. Leaving the dirty cityscape of Cebu and driving by the huge municipalities we eventually came to more jungle and coastline.  It was a really nice day out too, something we had come to value in this typhoon season, and the palm trees forests covering mountains and beautiful coastline made the plastic seat covers seem almost comfortable.  Arriving in Maya just before dusk, we argued a little with a local boatman to take us the 8 km to Malapascua. It was low season and the strait was rough water, something we hadn’t read about in the rough guides to South East Asia.  However we made it, and I fell in love with another beautiful tiny island surrounded by white beaches this one in particular looking like a Boracay 10 years ago.  Paradise again, how could I be so lucky?  We spent a couple days here, and rented a motorbike to tour the island. It took us 45 mins to ride around the perimeter. The locals in the interior were 4,000 strong with 10,000 including their children. Every family has approx. 8 kids. So family planting does win when NO ONE has heard of family planning.  Malapascua is a lovely island, filled with people willing to share their stories, Filipino stories that I will always remember.  After all the experiences I have had so far I still consider myself a simple person with a bubbly personality, but I do have many little quirks, which I like to think set me apart from the rest of everything I have seen. I am right when I say I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.IMG_0279


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  1. Hi Ash and Ben!!!

    l love this blog, cant wait for your next update, the pictures really help us see through your eyes too, keep up the great work and adventure xoxooxox

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