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We made it to Singapore! I am half way around the world. My life is about to change. And this is only the first stop of our tour around South east Asia.  After a wonderful 15 hour flight from NYC to Hong Kong ( I slept for 10 hours, while Ben walked the aisles and watched episodes of Heroes), and another 4 hour flight from HKG… we arrived in Singapore a small city state island south of Malaysia. Backtracking for one moment I have to revisit the NYC scene. I have never been, and was amazed at how friendly the people are regardless of their ‘gruff’ accent. We spent the day walking Broadway, touring the fashion district, and snoozing in Central Park. The next morning we left around 5 oo am and witnessed the most beautiful sunrise driving over the Brooklyn Bridge to JFK Airport. It was a moment in many to come. Fast forward to Singapore, a gateway city to South East Asia. If you should know anything, I want to address how clean this city is. I mean you could eat breakfast off the subway (called the MRT Mass Rapid Transit) floor. The rules here are strict, no spitting, no gum chewing the list goes on and then some.  If I could use one word to describe the city it would be ‘organization’. Every thing is orderly and safe. I didn’t see one police car, there doesn’t seem to be a need to constantly remind people things. I later hear the reason for this is the bat, or the method of sticking people who get out of line (ie spit or chew gum). It is who there are, and what they know Singapore to be. We stayed in a hood called Little India at the Inn Crowd Backpackers Hostel, smack in the midde of any curry lover’s paradise. They have a hotel across from us called Madras Hotel, and even curried chicken in Burger King. We spent a total of 3 days here mainly because its so damn expensive. The Singapore dollar is only slightly off the Canadian dollar, but to backpackers its a waste of money that could go way further in Indo and Thailand. Meeting people is not a problem I see, on our first night we met Dave an Aussie whose parents are chinese from Singapore. You could almost consider him a local, as he knew his way around town offering to escort us the next day to the infamous “Eating Houses” and  food stalls where the locals dine. He spoke fluent Cantonese and ordered us many different plates ranging from duck to iced coffee served in plastic bags. Anthony Bourdain would be impressed. The next day, also Ben’s 26 the birthday! we took a gondola ride to the southern tip of Singapore to the island of Sentosa.  If you could imagine Canada’s Wonderland but a weird foreign one. Sentosa is nice and hot and we swim at every opportunity. I am starting to fall in love with escaping my 9-5 job, and traveling the real world.


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