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The Sartorialist is a clever little blog written by New Yorker Scott Schuman. His story is pretty normal he’s originally from Indiana, then spent years in NYC’s fashion/ marketing industry networking the right people only to start a blog. Only his blog gets over 100,000 + hits a day. And fresh off the press is his new book, I’m interested to see if its more inclined towards photography or writing.


The Sartorialist: not just a picture book?

I have been following his blog for a little over two years now and keep going back to it for two reasons: 1 his photographs are dedicated to personal & individual style instead of following trends and 2 he doesn’t DO print or logo tees.  Last week he was in Toronto. He just came to Toronto. So Dear Sartorialist : Duh you missed Mtl?

Toronto’s National Post blog wrote an article on The Sartorialist bringing ‘its fashion lens to the city’. So I have a response to the hypothetical directions they offered to Mr. Schuman while in Toronto.

1. After a lunch at Sky Verses terrace in Old Montreal, he should take a walk through the coble stone streets of St.Paul capturing the old city glamor and young business crowd as they make their way back to work. Expect neat hair buns and immaculate eyeliner with simple makeup.

2. Mid afternoon head over to Mont-Royal’s Jeanne Mance Parc in the middle of the city, at the base of the mountain.  Sit on the grass, and smell the wonderfully clean Parc Air while taking pictures of the beautiful french Canadian girls in their pencil skirts happily riding sideways on Bixi bikes ( he must of watched the Tamy Emma Pepin youtube video on Bixi’s).

3. Late afternoon head east down Mont-Royal( the street) weaving in between the trendy perimeter of St. Laurent and St. Denis.  Expect everything from Runway to Rue Coloniale , mixed with Yard sale sass. Here you will find Montreal’s best kept secret from outsiders, a melting pot of  individual style fueled by a nightlife of loft-parties at secret locations.

4. Spend the evening having dinner with Denis Gagnon and friends in one of the Plateau’s trendy restaurants. Montreal is a city that stay up late, eats dinner late, and arrives fashionably late.

My friend the fashion blogger Cam Tu Doan is photographed by Scott in Toronto this month

Fashion blogger Cam Tu Doan is photographed by Scott in Toronto this month


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