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In the past the web-scape of fashion magazines has been hit and miss, like your 1st time up for t-ball. The future of fashion magazines is online and the internets is not going anywhere . So will these fashion mags be relevant anymore? I like to think my future is going green too, like the rest of us.  Online magazines are winning efficiency points over Print, especially in the advertising department, check out this article in New York Magazine online. For the last decade I have loved the glossy covers of Nylon, Elle, Vogue and Missbehave.  So going on the internets and searching for the best online  fashion fix seemed annoying. Do all magazines have online sites, unofficial or official? Or were these online fashion magazines completely innovating fashion web-scapes by bringing it themselves? While many of my magazines make shout outs to their favourite online fashion sites,  strictly online fashion magazines had a lot to accomplish to change my mind. But I was still curious, and surfing the internets on my new macbook, so it was time well wasted.  I stumbled onto, a Canadian source for fashion and beauty that spanned east to west being published monthly. The Editor in Chief Nicole says “our readers are the leaders”. In a nutshell this is the reason why I went online instead of to my magazine store like many others to find reliable sources to Canada’s fashion industry. Glossmag covers international fashion stories and brands, while sustaining a community in Canadian readers and their brands.  Other online mags I’ve noticed are NYC’s,, & For the reader who isn’t just browsing fashion but works in the industry, going online can be resourceful too.  Example: is a giant flip book of amazing stories on individual style ALL over the world’s major cities. Secondly go to, it’s a great site for runways looks pre-season. My much-loved Nylon magazine’s tactile designs and images I’ll admit I’m still crushing over, but I can’t stop discovering more spanking new articles online. My friends will know today what I knew yesterday, and that’s more than enough to satisfy my fashion keenness. The future of your fashion finds are now just a click away.



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