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This summer has been nothing but rain and more rain. I think Montreal is turning into Vancouver. Weirdly enough today is a scorcher. So I thought about all the ways I could cool down, and popsicles came 2nd to the secret hipster pool.  Yes a secret pool in Montreal! In fact I feel bad about blogging its actual whereabouts. So maybe I’ll just keep the location to myself. Montreal is no Vancouver when it comes to secret water spots, so these opportunities are a rare find. If you didn’t already know Montreal is a city on a small island, and it gets really hot in the summer & freakishly cold in the winter. This secret pool is full of people my age, NO CHILDREN peeing there either. And unlike Hotel de la Montagne & other city pools, it has lots of trees and grass to chill by. So you’ll still need to find the location of the pool, but if you do bring a couple bucks its not free.


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