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I have an amazing walk in closet. It’s like Barbie’s friggin DREAM closet. It’s two rooms attached together, the larger where my bed and dressers go and the smaller the walk’n dream. Still with all my clothes in there I can’t seem to find outfits as quick as I’d like to. The other week it took me forever to find an outfit to go to a sales meeting. I tried to google ‘ashley’s outfit’ but that will have to wait until computers can do that. Even if you don’t have Barbie’s dream closet, or like me can’t seem to find Barbie’s dream outfit I have found a perfect solution. It’s called and LOADS of great fashion lives here, that always seem to be right to me. Once I start scrolling I can’t stop, and sometimes I hype a few. What I guess I really like about is that its a bunch of pictures of real girls and guys, in their own looks and only their peers to judge them. The swedish LB is especially slick.

Here’s a couple I couldn’t resist:


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