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It’s summer and everybody is outside. I love to sit on terraces and kick back  in the sunshine with friends, so I decided to bring you a list of excellent Montreal Terraces that you should visit soon, or at least before Labor Day. Verses Sky pictured below.


Many of these terraces I have personally tested, and can say the same about most like minded Montrealers. And if you’re asking why is this so important to us? Well we only have TWO months of summer, six months of winter and the rest is a mangled body of wind and rain the local weather networks try to decipher. And Montrealers love to drink and eat outside when they can. So you may of heard about some of these places or may not, but these are my absolute favourite destinations when it comes to al fresco drinks on a hot summer day in beautiful Montreal.


1. Hotel de la Montagne- rooftop on the hotel obviously, amazing city views of downtown, but be careful when going on a windy day, and they have a POOL so bring your bikini.

2. Pub Ste-Elisabeth- located in Old Montreal, adorable, viney, like a secret garden. Pictured below.


3. Santropol- backyard terrace in another secret garden, fairy lights, low branches, flowers, and the furriest white cat can be spotted in the garden most of the time ( I think it uses it as a litter box). However, the food here is #1 The picture below is me this summer in Santropol’s garden.


4.Verses Sky- located rooftop of Verses Hotel, awe-some view of Old Montreal and its buildings, overlooks the St. Lawerence river, delicious cocktail menu, and I always get a tan when I sit up there:)

5.Tokyo- located on the Main, survivor theme with tiki torches, many memories here, view of the action down of the street too.

6.B-sides-again on the Main which is really called St.Laurent, fun upstairs terrace only opens after 1 am .

As you know I live in the Mile-End, but last year I lived in the Plateau. They are right beside each other like Queens & Brooklyn. The Plateau has amazing terraces on many of its 2nd floor apartments. Here’s a picture of one down my street.plateau-1



  1. Hello,

    Is it possible to tell me where you have found the picture of the first terrace with the skyline in the back?
    I am a creative researcher for an ad agency in Montreal.

    • st. marc downtown

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