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Daily Archives: July 13th, 2009

First of all I’d like to thank:

Nylon Magazine for their Freebie Fridays
Vice Magazine for the Russian issue
Missbehave Magazine for showing me how to deep fry icecream.

Nylon was my first love, but the younger Missbehave was soon added to my Can’t live without list. I love Missbehave and have read it since its first issue. So I was sad to hear that their newstand copies ceased, as editor Samantha Moeller went strictly online. If Missbehave were a girl, let’s say Nylon’s sister +  attitude, and asked to describe the  kind of girl she was would reply : “I’m mostly normal and ugly and my car smells like coffee and cigarettes, and i pay in change alot and i like to frolic in grocery stores and i make bad decisions when i’m drunk and i cuss at bad drivers and i hate toddlers.” I guess going online is better for the trees, and maybe the future for all print magazines, so I’ll have to check them out online since Katy Perry helped them with their last cover. Oh yeah, Happy 10th anniversary Nylon mag, I want a pair of those limited edition dunks you did with Nike.

About Me:

an aspiring fashion editor

ex-catholic school girl

an internets blogista

crushing on bill murray acting skills

is about to embark on the trip of a lifetime



The upper north side of St.Laurent is known to locals as a Cultural Underbelly of Montreal. Although long before that it was known as the last stop on the train line hence the Mile-End. It took me 5 years of living in different apartments and buildings to understand the best of Montreal could be found in this tiny niche. I have spent the past eight months living on Parc Avenue, just north of Mont- Royal (the mountain!) splat in the Mile End, and within skipping of St.Laurent’s La Main. From Indochine’s DIVINE coconut soup, the bixi bike rental stands on Laurier, St.Viateur’s Bagel Shop amidst the bagel wars, to Dusty’s eggs and Beauty’s milkshakes —the Mile End is in my heart for good. Two of the best kept secrets is the vintage Furniture shops where you can find everywhere, and Reema’s Cocoa Locale (baked goods in an adorable pink and brown building). More importantly the Mile End has had a surge of activity recently, after years of being a typically poor neighborhood, it is now home to many artists/musicians who love the quiet community of huge lofts, and bakeries. Wallpaper magazine called the Mile End the hottest upcoming area in Montreal. The only downfall would be the metro line doesn’t hit Parc Avenue, so the closet stop is Mont Royal.