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IMG_2067l_34f1680f87a41f20725fa34994878c51Neon is a look that will last all summer according to my fashion filled closet, inspired by the streets I call home, the Plateau. Instead of following ALL the trends Montrealers tend to make some of their own, especially in the hip boroughs of the Plateau. Neon is what happens when you lock a bunch of kids inside for six months, listening to remixed versions of summer. The Plateau is where I live and wear my knee socks, although not neon I feel the need to mention them. This area I speak of is known to Montrealers as the spot, the main, and the mile end. The picture to the left is Sarah Morrison wearing HOT PINK NEON TEESHIRT by Cobrasnake. The picture above is my sister sporting a Neon body suit by AA. Maybe not runway but near Rue Coloniale. Neon and tube socks get old REALLY fast but who doesn’t want to die young and live fast.

While on a random but planned American Apparel trip I fell in love with the Raglan sweater hoodie. The burgandy color to be exact, this hoodie is the ultimate late summer must have for me. It’s capable of being a hot tangled mess of cuteness, so I’m in. 40$


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  1. Either this was written literally two summers ago, or you are the personal incarnation of Peterborough County. Neon? Really? Welcome to the beginning of AIDS Wolf’s career, which is the last thing anyone should remember, let alone celebrate.

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